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Pre-School tumbling and School Field Trips

Attention teachers and administrators!

Looking for something new?  Kids bored?  Need a field trip to a fun place?

The Nitros have the answers.  We are taking our first class tumbling program on the road!  We are excited to announce that we are now mobile and can bring our tumbling instructors with all sorts of fun and exciting equipment to your preschool, school, or any area you have!  We do it all, you sit back and enjoy the thrill of your children learning motor skill development, auditory, and physical strength building activities right under your roof.

Its a fun, healthy program for the kids and a great break for the teachers!

Call or email us today for your free demo!  302-285-3222 or



We also welcome your school coming to our 11,000 sq ft fun zone!  Trampolines and real fun bouncy equipment for the kids to have fun on and learn all at the same time.  Something different, something fun!  The best field trip all year will be right here!  Great for those days when kids are off of school!  Call or email us today and book your next trip here!  302-285-3222